Hair Straightener FOXY by Santurcepop™

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Say goodbye to bad hair days!

                                        Tame that wild mane with the Foxy Styler

Style your hair anytime & anywhere

Forget about corded flat irons, our Foxy Styler is the ultimate way to keep your hair smooth and styled on the go. Featuring a long-lasting battery life and easy-to-carry design, you can easily bring the Foxy Styler anywhere!

Portable and Stylish Design

Foxy styler is the ultimate portable tool for styling your hair whether you are at home, traveling, or on the go. The modern and stylish design helps you maintain your style on the go, making it easy to always look good.

2 in 1 Hair Styler

Get your ideal curl or straight style with our Foxy Styler. This tool creates beautiful curls in no time and can perform like a traditional flat iron on straight hair.

30 Seconds Rapid Heating

With the 30 seconds heating time, you can be sure to create a great and quick hairstyle whether you're at home or on the go.

USB Charging

Our portable hair straightener is rechargeable, and comes with a USB cord so you can plug it into any computer or even use it in your car.


Before you begin:

- Ensure the Bloomy is fully charged, the recommended charging time is 3 hours.
- Glowi is equipped with a user handbook, which will help you decide which mode will best solve your skin worries. 
- Always make sure your face and your hands are clean before using Glowi! This helps deter bacteria from spreading. 

Once you have completed the steps above, you’re ready to start! 

- Gradually apply your favourite cream or oil to the desired area. Wipe the top of the LED head to clean it. 
- Hold down the power button to start up Glowi, and press the power button again to switch between the different modes. Once you have selected the desired mode, you can begin using Glowi wherever your skin concerns are by softly going in an upward motion. It is recommended to use Glowi 5-10 minutes a day. 
- Once you are done with the device switch it off by holding the power button down and cleaning off the LED head.